What we do:

Drawing-in, warp tying, beam processes, transportation

Before they become a finished piece of fabric, raw fibers pass through many processing stages.

In order to obtain results that enhance the quality and value of the finest and noblest raw materials, each stage has to be in the hands of expert personnel using advanced and highly performing machines.


Advanced machinery

We use standard healds, drop wires and reeds; the range of materials and yarn counts we can work spans from silk and noble fibers to the most particular yarns such as gold.

In our machines the different functions are controlled via computer and electronically monitored, guaranteeing accuracy in the execution and interrupting the processing in case of problems.

Customers also have the possibility of electronically sending CAD drawings to be processed directly by automatic processing machines - while our staff oversees it all.

Automatic drawing-in with  STAÜBLI Safir S80 and Delta 110.

About our processing:

  • Drawing-in up to 28 heald frames;
  • "J" shaped healds, height from 285 mm to 380 mm;
  • Open or closed drop wires, which can be distributed on 6 rows;
  • Reeds with reductions up to 350 / dm;
  • Drawing-in both with beam and without beam, for special yarns or heights up to 350 cm.;
  • Supply of temporary warp stop motion kits, to be replaced when entering the loom;
  • Warp welding with a plastic film to allow the frame to start quickly and without waste.

We also have a stock service and we can supply healds, drop wires and reeds (Schoch and Zanfrini).

Warp tying

Service both at customers premises and in MBM


About our service

  • Warp tying at customers premises
  • Beam warp tying
  • Warp tying with double knot machines, suitable for slippery yarns;
  • Tying avaliable also for irregular yarns (eg bouclé, frisè, flamed etc.)
  • Regular or irregular lease in.

Beam processes

Beam processes

We can perform the following operations:

  • Hot / cold double waxing;
  • Fixing of defective warp beams;
  • Thread removal or replacement;
  • Variable reeds to change article features.

Completing our
services ... Transportation 

We can offer our customers an efficient transportation service with our equipped truck

Our network

Warping, Sizing, Weaving, Darning

We have long-standing collaborations with a number of companies in our territory, specialising in warping, sizing, weaving under contract and darning.

MBM can serve as single point of contact for customers who want to outsource a number of steps of the weaving processes.

Our offer can meet the needs of companies who want to create new samples, extend the range of yarns or processes in their portfolio without internally managing the change, or of  those companies that face unexpected peaks in demand.

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