We bring the wool textile industry tradition of the Biella area into the future, to keep on winning in global markets.

The value chain

MBM is part of a network of local companies

We are based in Valdilana (merger of Mosso, Soprana, Trivero and Valle Mosso municipalities) in the Biella area and we are specialized in relevant phases of the weaving preparation such as automatic drawing-in, warp tying and beam processing.

The value chain of which we are part spans from warping to the delivery of fabric ready to be used by fashion designers and tailor made clothes companies.

Each element in the value chain aims at a constant improvement of their work. Every year our machines process the finest yarns, which will finally result in finished products of unparalleled quality.

We have established longstanding collaboration relationships with a number of local companies specialized in warping, sizing, weaving and darning.

To address the needs of companies interested in outsourcing  several phases of fabric processing we can offer the services of this ecosystem together with ours.


Tradition and technology

Experience and advanced machinery combined

We combine our craft and traditional know-how with the use of advanced machinery such as the Stäubli Safir S80 and Industry 4.0 technologies.

For drawing-in services, customers can now send us CAD drawings that are processed directly by automatic machines - always supervised and checked by our experienced staff. We can therefore improve our efficiency and reduce processing times.

The automatic controls of our machines allow us to guarantee the quality of the processing output, which is free of errors.

We care for the environment

Renewable energy

The weaving sector has high electricity consumption; we produce with our photovoltaic system on average 50% of the energy needed to operate our machines.


Ecological detergents

To clean accessories we use environmentally friendly detergents only with low environmental impact.

M.B.M. S.r.l.


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